Reflective Blog Post: Inquiry Mindset

I’m feeling so inspired after visiting with Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt yesterday in her kindergarten classroom at George Jay Elementary School. Unlike other in-school visits, class wasn’t in session so my peers and I were fortunate enough to have Rebecca’s full attention. Her slides and narration not only emphasized the importance of honouring learners’ questions, but how one can do this in the classroom. Most of us in the BEd degree program didn’t grow up with inquiry-based learning in our classrooms, so we’re still in the process of familiarizing ourselves with this new concept. For me, it was extremely refreshing to learn from an elementary school teacher who proves that it’s possible and practical to put these ideas into action.

I look up to Rebecca and greatly appreciate all the knowledge she shared with us. Her ongoing dedication to support student learning beyond her own classroom is truly astounding. It was also reassuring to hear her say that it’s okay if it takes us a little while to fully adopt inquiry into our own practice as new teachers. I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders when she made that clear. Rebecca encouraged us to ease into this process by building strong relationships with our students and asking them questions like “what do you see/know/wonder?” during our lessons. These expectations are much less intimidating and totally doable during our upcoming 3-week practicum.

Thank you for your invaluable time and resources Rebecca. I wish you all the best and look forward to staying in touch.



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