EDCI 336 – March 05, 2019

So today’s class was full of so much variety that I really couldn’t think of a more creative/descriptive title. We met in the videoconferencing room to start the class with Verena Roberts in celebration of Open Education Week. Her informative slides and presentation concerning how to expand K-12 learning through open educational practices was really helpful.

After, Jesse Miller (creator of Mediated Reality) met us back in our classroom to discuss digital/networked literacy, safety, privacy, and how it can impact our professional practice/learning. What a treat it was. Jesse really set the record straight about a lot of concerns we all had as future educators. He emphasized the extra caution we must take as professionals on social networking platforms and beyond. My initial reaction was to delete all of my social media accounts to avoid any future complications. However, Jesse quickly reminded me how important it is for adults to model appropriate online behaviour for children. So instead, I will happily be reviewing and adjusting my online presence. I’ve already started by creating a professional twitter account.

I can’t even believe how much I learned in 3 short hours! Time to process all this new information.

Fair Dealing in Canada & Blogging

Although our class time was cut short yesterday to make room for our visit at George Jay Elementary, we covered some really helpful information concerning copyright. We learned that a safe place to find photos for personal use is on the Creative Commons website. Moreover, we learned the best practices for attributing the photos we do use (a guide can be found here). All important knowledge to have moving forward as a professional.

We spent the remainder of the class reviewing our peers’ blog posts and providing them feedback. I really enjoyed reading about all the different inquiry projects going on and seeing how other learners document their journey. Furthermore, seeing all the beautiful blogs really motivated me to up my game and make some tweaks on my own site. Now as I strive to make my blog more aesthetically pleasing, I know to deliver credit where credit is due (ie. proper photo attribution).

Until next class!


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