Reflections Post (#9, #10, #11)

I was once under the impression that my lack of musical experiences was a significant weakness as an educator. I felt a little bit panicked when hearing my peers discuss memories of piano or guitar lessons, none of which I could relate to. Once EDCI 306A classes commenced, I was accumulating brand new knowledge quickly. That’s not to say it was easy. Most ideas were challenging for me to comprehend, and sometimes it was mentally draining. However, my perspective shifted during this process. Now I believe that my greatest professional strength as an educator who will teach music is my ability to connect with my students. I’ll be able to relate to them and truly understand the frustration they feel when they’re struggling since I too am learning. I can use this strength to break down difficult musical concepts. Moreover, present new information in simplest terms so all my students can understand no matter their skill-level. Even when I’m teaching, I’ll still consider myself a lifelong learner, and during music lessons I’ll be investigating collaboratively with my students.

When I think about myself as a future educator teaching music, I feel excited! I have learned so much about the fundamentals of instrument playing and musical technique that I simply can’t wait to share my knowledge with others. I was introduced to many wonderful ways of incorporating music into the classroom and it was a blast. EDCI 306A classes were often filled with smiles and laughter, something that is missing in other curriculum and instruction classes. Children are naturally curious learners and I’m eager to use music as a medium to spark creativity and imagination. As we discussed at the beginning of the year, there are numerous scientific reasons why we should teach music to children in school. The benefits of music education are undeniable and sadly children are being deprived of those cognitive benefits in classrooms. However, I’m very enthusiastic about nurturing my students’ brains with music.

My greatest area of growth during the year/course has been in the area of confidence. Before completing EDCI 306A, I was truly terrified about teaching music to students. Music is the only elementary-level subject that was unfamiliar to me; the thought of teaching music made me feel worried and anxious. But I realized that confidence is contagious. Learning from a confident professor fostered my inner confidence and made me feel capable. In addition, I was able to seek support from peers who motivated me along the way. Having a network of confident people contributed significantly to my own confidence development. Moreover, I think my confidence will continue to grow once I’m teaching and encouraging my students to become experts as well. Overall, by surrounding myself with confident people and seeking support when necessary, I now have the confidence to make others feel the same way I do.   


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