EDCI 306A – Teaching Reflection

On Tuesday, we gathered in groups and created a lesson plan based on the following chant:

Pitter, Patter, Splitter, Splatter,
Raindrops fall,
What does it matter?
Drip, Drop Drip, Drop.
Raining, raining my it’s raining. (x2)

I wasn’t totally familiar with chants until Inez encouraged us to think about chants as rap; I liked that interpretation. My group had a lot of thoughts about how we wanted to present our ideas in class, however, we decided to focus on differentiating between dynamics (volume) and pitch.

I thought that the lesson went pretty well considering it was taught by six aspiring teachers. We all took turns teaching and demonstrating various concepts. I liked how we did examples with the class before setting them loose to create their own variations of the chant. We worked our way from soft dynamics to loud dynamics, and low pitch to high pitch. I can see how these concepts can be confusing for young students since we often refer to volume using words like low and high. I think presenting both concepts in the same lesson was beneficial for learners.

If we could re-do the lesson, I would make more of an effort to acknowledge student voice and thought. It would have been beneficial for students to give their classmates feedback after their presentations. For example, “I liked how you….” This also would have helped with checking who understands what (aka assessment).

Overall, it was a fun and beneficial learning experience. I feel prepared for my upcoming graded teaching!

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