As you might recall from my last post, I was trying to decide whether I wanted to learn how to knit or how to use foreign accents for my Open Inquiry Assignment. After bringing these ideas to class with me on Tuesday, I left with the impression that learning foreign accents could likely work in my favour as a handy classroom drama tool. However, it wasn’t until listening to a Podcast on my two hour bus ride home that I made my final decision.
The Podcast I’m referring to is called The Red Man Laughing. Anishinaabe comedian and host, Ryan McMahon was laying down his “12 Steps to Decolonization in Canada.” Side note: besides becoming an educator and thus wanting to be educated about Indigenous issues in Canada, my family has a long history within the Songhees Nation. Since I often relate my own family to the many injustices occurring against Indigenous peoples in Canada today, some of these controversial topics are very close to my heart. Maybe in one of my next posts I’ll share some of my family history and attach a family tree, but for now, back to the Podcast.
Ryan challenged Canadians to read The Indian Act to get a better sense of the racist roots in this country. In the past I’ve cited The Indian Act in papers and projects, however, I’ve never actually read and investigated the 31 page document in full. For that reason, I’ve decided to print it off, dig deeper, and share my findings for my Open Inquiry Assignment. I don’t want to rush through the document, but if I do finish earlier than expected, there are plenty more documents to analyze (such as The White Paper, 1969 or Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples).
Finally, in my blog posts I’ll be using Indigenous as an umbrella term for the First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples specific to Canada. Additionally, I’ll use the term Indian in reference to legal documents since that’s the current legal name (ie. Registered Indians). I don’t like the word Aboriginal and it has no legal definition (that I’m presently aware of) so I don’t have any reason to use it. Think of the word abnormal: deviating from what is normal or usual, typically in a way that is undesirable or worrying. Hopefully this helps put my word choice into perspective. Anyways, I’ll start reading and get back to you all with my findings!


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